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Composer - music arranger - songwriter - studio

Martin Stephan is a very experienced musician, composer and lyricist. Through years of collaboration with very different artists from Europe, the Caribbean and the USA, his spectrum is huge. The compositions range from soulful ballads to EDM, from reggaeton to trap, from hits to RnB. Surely your individual song can also be realized.

Composition, arrangement, lyrics, recording, music production

Are you looking for suitable songs? 

According to your wishes, we develop the right repertoire!

Location and distance is not a problem as long as you have the opportunity to record. Otherwise you can use my studio in Weinstadt (near Stuttgart).

I'm happy to answer any questions!



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Sabrina Solair Schlagersängerin

Sabrina Solair

- near Berlin -

Sabrina Solair is a modern German pop singer.

She is originally from Baden-Württemberg and lives in Brandenburg now. She has worked with countless producers and released a number of titles, still in the dance genre at that time.
For years she was the frontwoman of a well-booked party-band and she was also an event- and wedding-singer.

Today Sabrina Solair has her own „German-Schlager-Show" and is working on other titles of her own together with Martin Stephan in the field of German Pop Schlager. Sabrina Solair writes her titles herself, Martin Stephan composes and produces the songs - a collaboration that fits perfectly!

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- Konstanz -

Saralinda Bouman is an artistic all-rounder from Constance on Lake Constance. She is a classically trained singer. Her vocal repertoire ranges from opera to electro - almost all styles.

She is also internationally active as an actress, singer/songwriter and model.


We are currently working on a brand new song- and show project. More details will not be revealed yet!

Saralinda - Find Yourself
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Saralinda - I'm lonely
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Jasmin Scholz, known from DSDS and various other TV shows, processes her spiritual experiences in her lyrics and adds flavor to her roots with orientalsound.

​The daughter of an Egyptian father and a Croatian mother lives in Cologne. After a long musical break and artistic orientation phase, she now presents herself in collaboration with Martin Stephan under the name JASMIN with oriental pop music in English language and modern pop-songs with German lyrics.

- Köln -

Lorna and Friends

Lorna and Friends

- Hanover -

Lorna comes from a family of artists living in the area of Hannover. The father plays some instruments, as well as the trombone. The mother loves jazz music and writes poems. Her brother paints. 

At the age of 15, the first steps were taken through a singing competition and studio recordings. At the age of 17 she became a member of her first funk/soul band. Further experiences were gained in various projects and bands, as well as in a gala band. There she completed her vocal school and earned money full-time with music for over 6 years. She has done a lot of projects/recordings with established artists such as Fred Wesley, formerly James Brown's trombonist and productions for East/West and BMG/Ariola and Yo Mama Records. 

Lorna writes some of the lyrics and music herself, or with producers such as B. Martin Stephan together. She is at home in many styles of music: pop, soul, funk, rock, jazz, dance, disco, blues.

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Die Independent Artists Radio Promotion Lorna and Friends

DJ Smoke


Alex alias SMOKE is a DJ artist, producer, event manager and owner of the label "It's Time Records" in Neu-Ulm.

From 1997 SMOKE was very successful on all Hardstyle/Hardcore stages. He performed with famous stars of this scene. His tours have taken him from Germany to Tokyo.

After around 15 years he retired from the spotlight. Now SMOKE is working on his comeback with a lot of new songs we composed. Here are some of the new titles:

- Neu-Ulm -

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- Filderstadt -

Schlagerfürst (Michael Kai – Stefan Kern) was born in Filderstadt in 1982. He is a German musician & actor.

He has already worked in more than 200 TV and media productions throughout Germany  as an advertising face in 2022 for brands such as Ergo Versicherung, ARAG Versicherungen, Rockwool and many more.

He took long-term lessons in singing from Sandy Campos/Die Künstlerbühne in Karlsruhe (Germany) which is known for her student Max Giesinger.

From 2011 to 2016 he took guitar lessons from Stefan Kern, who is successful , on international stages as a guitarist and producer.

Our first song:
Engel aus der Winternacht

Musik: Martin Stephan
Text: Michael K.S. Kern

Schlagerfürst Michael Kern
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Nadja Quaranta


- Berne (Switzerland) -

Nadja Quaranta is a natural musical talent with an incredibly beautiful voice. Intuitively, she always sings the lead and harmony voices in a touching and emotional way. ​ 

The Swiss with Italian roots sings in german, italian, french and english. Her songs are very personal and deep. We have already created a broad repertoire together, with Nadja writing the lyrics and Martin the music.

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- Berlin -

Dina is a trained actress, dancer and successful photo model from Berlin. She has appeared in various TV formats and films.

But her great passion is music. Together we develop German dance hits on the one hand, and international, English-language pop songs on the other. ​ 

Dina writes all the lyrics herself, Martin composes the songs. Perfectly coordinated, many rousing songs are created.

00:00 / 03:41
Dina Babajic
Lela Brown

Lela Brown


Lèla Brown (pronounced: Lay-luh BrOun) infuses contemporary R&B soul and jazz rhythms with her smooth, soulful voice and sweet gospel harmonies to create a unique sound of soulful, soulful music. 

Lèla was born and raised in the blues and rock-n-roll district of Memphis, Tennessee (USA), which is also home to legendary musicians B.B. King, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley is. Lèla Brown's musical influences include famous singers and musicians such as Madonna, Sade, Prince and more. 

Lèla Brown learned to play classical piano at the age of 6 and alto saxophone at the age of 12. When she was 20, she was invited to sing backing with the legendary gospel group in her hometown of Memphis. After college, she moved to Dallas, Texas to better pursue her dreams as a singer. From the age of 20 she sang in various gospel choirs, such as Marvin Sapp, Bishop Marvin Winans (CeCe Winans), The Late Walter, the Memphis' Gospel Singers and others. 

Through many contacts in the USA, Martin Stephan met Lèla Brown in 2022. They immediately started to compose some songs together.

Lela Brown - I Want You
00:00 / 03:37
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Lorenza Maluku

- Curaçao (Karibik) -

Lorenza was born in Rotterdam as one of four children to her Dutch father and her South Moluccas (Indonesian) mother. Her musical talent showed very early in the school choir, at playback shows and theater performances. Her next stations were the sopranos in the church choir and various talent competitions, where she got to know the stage early on. After taking first place in two major talent competitions in Rotterdam, she took part in her first foreign song festival in Romania, where she took fourth place in front of 10,000 spectators.

It was here that she met her first producer. Together with him and the American rapper D-Smoove, the LORENZA project was founded, of which 2 CDs were released. The first successful single "Show Me Your Love", produced by the record company ZYX Records, was released in 1995. The track "And The Beat Goes On", produced by BMG Ariola, climbed into the German Top 100 in 1996. Their last CD was a charity Project for children published by "Hand in Hand Concept" at Christmas 1997. From 1995 to 1997 Lorenza toured with well-known artists such as the Back Street Boys, Captain Jack, Mister President, Rednex, Caught in the Act, Shaggy.

After that she worked as a studio singer and vocal coach mainly in Germany. She performed live with the band of Sir Waldo Weathers (a member of the band for 15 years). James Brown) until she finally emigrated to Curacao (Caribbean) in 2021. There, Lorenza quickly established herself as a popular live singer and has been delighting her audience ever since.

Lorenza Maluku
Lorenza - Believe in Faith MasterLorenza
00:00 / 03:26
Lorenza - Free Your MindLorenza
00:00 / 04:00
Rosa Rot

Rosa Rot

- near Berlin -

ROSA ROT (real name Katja Amberg) is an all-rounder: entertainer, entrepreneur, copywriter, hypnotherapist & mental coach with her own private practice, ... and also a singer.

Because of her distinctive voice, she has often been called "Michelle" by her audience in the past. In fact, her voice is very similar to the voice of fellow pop singer Michelle. And so it happened as it had to: She sang a lot of Michelle's songs and soon became the No. 1 double of the pop singer. In addition, she had the idea very early on to set up her own hit show: "The ROSA ROT SCHLAGERSHOW". She still tours the country with this when she has time, because the schedule of her hypnosis practice is extremely full. As the owner of the label "LEYLA MUSIC" and "Katja Amberg DEJAVUE Musikverlag" she (in cooperation with her husband Andreas Amberg) marketed her own songs very early on. The cooperation with Martin Stephan is a wish - cooperation of both, in which Martin Stephan also composes modern pop hits for Katja Amberg (ROSA ROT) and Katja Amberg writes texts for compositions by Martin Stephan both for her own songs and for songs by other artists.

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Waiblinger Str. 107. D 71384 Weinstadt

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